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Violence Prevention Education

Conflict Management Introduction - 4th Grade

This 5 lesson Introduction is designed for students to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary and violence prevention subject matter that is taught in the 5th grade curriculum.  Students partake in age appropriate activities with the goal of increasing effective communication, identifying and appropriately expressing emotions and increasing team building skills by encouraging the development of responsible decision making.  

Conflict Management - 5th Grade

Through the use of activities, role plays, visual aids, and other educational materials, students are taught effective communication skills, anger management, problem solving, relationship building and anti-bullying strategies.  The 10 lesson curriculum combines vocabulary building and experiential learning techniques to address problem behaviors and attitudes by reinforcing positive techniques and skills that help youth express emotions in a healthy way.   

Conflict Management Refresher - 6th Grade 

This 5 lesson refresher course reviews and builds upon the skills taught in the 4th and 5th grade curriculums.  There is a strong focus on relationship building and anti-bullying strategies.  

Peer Violence and Anti Bullying Strategies - 7th Grade

This curriculum uses modern technology and media to engage adolescents in discussing, addressing and actively participating in putting an end to peer violence and bullying.  The 6 lesson curriculum allows students to have open conversations, build trusting relationships and encourages them to find their own solution to the problems they identify.  The goal of this training is to strengthen youths understanding of empathy thereby decreasing the likeliness for them to take part in violent and bullying behaviors.    

Peer Violence and Anti Bullying Refresher - 8th Grade 

This 3 lesson curriculum reviews and builds upon the skills taught in the 7th grade Peer Violence and Anti Bullying Strategies curriculum.  This program has a strong focus on internet safety, cyberbullying and empathy building.  

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