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Violence Prevention Education

Our Violence Prevention Education courses are provided to students grades 4th- 8th within Herkimer County School Districts. 


The TREATY Program curriculum provides students with the skills and knowledge to increase their understanding of the dynamics of conflict and violence while realizing the role they can play to build peace in their schools and communities. By providing students with the skills needed to manage their own emotions and behaviors, they learn to resolve conflicts in a safe, healthy and productive manner.  

For more details on our Violence Prevention Education courses click here. 

Attendance Intervention

The Attendance Intervention Program focuses on reducing the challenges of truancy and/or chronic tardiness by opening the lines of communication between schools, parents and students and providing all involved with the necessary resources to help each student succeed academically. 


More information on our Attendance Intervention program can be found here.

Peer Mediation Training

This 15 hour course provides students with the skills needed to be effective in mediating everyday conflicts that arise among peers. 


If you are interested in booking a training for your school please click here for more information.  

Additional Services

Additional violence and bullying prevention presentations are available upon request.  For more information please contact Savannah Crowley, Program Coordinator at 315-894-9917 ext. 233

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