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The TREATY Program was developed in 1994, in response to issues generated through the Herkimer County Safe School Task force survey and the Youth Summit.  At the time, teachers, administrators, students and parents indicated that physical fighting, bullying and verbal assaults were the greatest threats to their child's safety in school.  As a result of this survey, the TREATY Program was created and developed original programming based on already established, science-based curriculum to serve as a model for rural school communities. 

The programs was developed on the belief that constructive dispute settlement is a life skill that must be taught, modeled, practiced and reinforced.  TREATY services act as a base from which youth can begin to change their attitudes and increase their understanding of bullying, peer violence, conflict and self-responsibility therefore, decreasing the potential for violence resulting in a safer and happier environment.  


The TREATY Program is a program of Catholic Charities of Herkimer County and is funded in part by Herkimer County and United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area.  

Our Mission


It is the mission of the TREATY Program to make schools safer and more supportive for students, as well as adults by providing youth with the skills needed to manage their own emotions, behaviors, and begin to resolve conflicts in a safe, healthy and productive manner.

​Our Staff


Taylor Money, TREATY Coordinator, is responsible for the scheduling, implementation, reporting, and day-to-day operation of the program.  She can be contacted by phone at (315) 894-9917 ext. 258 or email:

Melissa Snyder, Program Director, is responsible for the overall supervision on the program.  She can be contacted by phone at
(315) 894-9917 ext. 231 or email: 

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